Monday, February 04, 2008

How I Landed My Man - Part 1: Let's Start at the Very Beginning

In honor of Valentine's Day, specifically my first Valentine's Day as a married person, I thought I would go back and recount how Darby and I met, fell in love, and got married. We dated for six years, so it's a pretty long story. I'll divide it up, so you don't get too bored. Here goes...

Honestly, I don't remember the very first time I met Darby. His family moved to our church when I was in 7th grade and he was in 6th grade. I'm sure I was introduced to him one day at church. The first memory I have of him, though, is when we both went with the youth group to South Texas Youth Conference in San Antonio. It was a couple of months after he had joined our church. I thought he was pretty cute and funny, but I didn't have a "crush" on him. I thought he was "too young" for me. That one grade really makes a difference :) Strangely, my sister actually had a HUGE crush on him. (Don't worry...that ended long before Darby and I got together).

I don't think we really talked all that much that weekend, but I remember him acting crazy with his friend Cody (in the picture below). He seemed like he would make a good friend. I definitely could not have guessed then that in 10 years, I'd be married to this cute new guy.

Chase, Darby, Cody, and Hannah (my sister) - April 2008

More to come...

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